The Stunning Art of Marcela Bolivar

Art is this beautiful, incredible beast that has the ability to lead us outside of our minuscule realities, and feel things deep and often foreign to our mortal hearts.

I can’t say that I am always touched by art, especially a lot of contemporary art, but the exception to that is Marcel Bolivar.

I discovered Marcela sporadically on Instagram while looking for tattoo art one day. After a quick scroll through her artwork, I was convinced that the images she produced were some of the most stunning I had ever seen.

Her paintings are ethereal and somehow deeply dark. The almost gothic overtones of her artwork puts you in mind with something primordial and deep, and almost forces you to look away in disturbing discomfort. Her art work makes you stand toe-to-toe with some of your darkest demons, and face some of your most uncomfortable moments.

The images of Marcela Bolivar move you somewhere deep inside, in a place where many of us dare to tread anymore in the fast-paced, superficial world. I cannot wait until the halls of my home are covered in her beautiful and supernatural prints.

I recommend her website for your casual perusal, and I also recommend following this incredibly gifted artist on Instagram – @tropicalgloom.

To view her current portfolios (personal and commercial), or to contact Marcela Bolivar, visit

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